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We solve the learning and development of doing business online without all the tech headaches. All you need is access to the Network.

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I joined because this is where I find invaluable access to tech related business information that is critical to my profit.

Micki Webb

Consultant for Education Staffing Agencies

Do you struggle with tech?

✔️ Do you find it challenging to run your business online?

✔️ Does the tech stress you out?

✔️Do you want to get better at using tech to help you market your business?

✔️ Is saving time important to you?

✔️Are you tired of searching the internet for answers?

✔️ Do you seek a supportive community who won’t judge you for not knowing what the “thingy” is?

Stop letting technology hold your business back. 

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is for..

✅ Solopreneurs 

✅ Small Business Owners 

✅ Coaches


✅ Consultants 



If your business is online, you need to join the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network so you can stay up-to-date with technology – we make tech very approachable.

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network brings together ambitious entrepreneurs – the Y-Notter’s – who want to grow their business online without all the tech headaches so they can get seen, connect with their ideal clients, and create engaging content that actually converts, all while being part of a supportive, judgment-free community.

Did You Know…

  • 30% of small business owners say that keeping up with technology advances is a major concern (Bluecorona)
  • 51.3% say driving sales and 48.4% say building brand awareness are the two top digital marketing priorities for small businesses (Leadpages)
  • 59% percent of small business leaders express difficulty implementing and rolling out new technologies (Salesforce)

When you join the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network you can be brought up to speed with technology and stay ahead of the curve – we make technology “stupid easy” for you!

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network provides positive vibes that empower you to show up online, deliver your expertise, and engage with your audience like never before!

    From the creator, Ed Troxell,

    My intent here with the network is to help you – the Y-Notter – build your business online in the easiest most efficient way possible. The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is something I wish I had when I started my business. It’s a starting place for us all – to learn what we don’t know without the fear of being judged.

    It doesn’t really matter where you’re at in your business – aspiring, startup, 10 years in – because with technology rapidly changing all the time there is surely something we all can learn from one another.

    My job here is to provide a safe, positive online community where we all can gather to share valuable resources which makes scaling our businesses online that much easier!” 

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