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From selling soda to the neighborhood kids, working with small business owners for over 12+ years, running a full-on print magazine, and working for Apple, Ed Troxell is a serial entrepreneur who brings a unique skill set to the table. Ed is a Marketing Technologist helping entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and small business owners grow their business online with easy tech and video solutions. 

Something that may seem simple for others, is the death of me and my business. The quick #Magic that Ed has made happen for me is priceless! He has allowed me to see that my future success is possible!” – Venus Ketcham

Ed is the guy who makes technology “stupid easy” for small business owners. He doesn’t judge you for not knowing what you don’t know and helps you easily – and effectively – market your business online organically (no paid ads).

Did you know, people are 57.5% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. 

Imagine being able to have a roadmap laid out for you – showing you how to master your content creation process so that you can show up, deliver, and engage online consistently.

Do less – connect more!

About Ed Troxell

My Story

Imagine working a 9-to-5 sales job.

Every day you show up on time — in fact, usually 20 minutes before you’re supposed to start — to make sure you’re well prepared for the day ahead. You clock in, check your emails, research, and share helpful tips with your team before hitting the sales floor.

Now imagine doing this and more each and every day for four years. Then one day your review comes and everything changes. Before going into your review you mentally prepare yourself and review your hard work over the past year.

As you walk confidently into your review knowing you just had your best performing year yet — I mean, being consistently the top performer for the past year with $1.7 million out the door speaks volume — so this review looks promising right? You sit down in your review and patiently wait to hear about your raise — after all, it should be good given your hard work right?

Now imagine the surprise when your manager says, “You’re getting a typical 3% raise.”

You think, “typical? What’s typical about the work that I did besides me clocking in each day like everyone else?” That was the last straw. It didn’t even matter what the 3% came out to because you stopped listening after “typical.”

It wasn’t until your next paycheck when you called HR to ask them about your “typical 3% raise” as you didn’t see it on your paycheck. That’s when HR pointed it out, “It’s there. You see that $.26? That is your raise.”

That’s when you laugh and think, “$.26 for all my hard work, dedication, and for being the top performer while helping manage my team and having the best year yet… $.26, are you freaking kidding me!” And that’s when you realized its time for a change!

And that my friends is when Ed Troxell Creative (the business behind the Yes to Entrepreneurship brand) was born.

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