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Creativity can be a blessing and a curse. Overwhelm can stifle the best ideas you’ve ever had if it leaves you totally stuck and without an actionable next step.

Do you find yourself staring at your computer not sure what to do next? You’ve had an idea, bang!

A light has gone off, a cannon has sounded, and you’re full of energy and motivation until you run out of information and the wall of what you don’t know seems too immense to attempt to climb.

Maybe you’ve tried programs, coaches or even courses in the past and it’s gotten you nowhere – or maybe this is your first time considering starting your own business, wondering how to get started?

When you work with me we prioritize your tasks, identify your technology needs, and develop systems that will help you move forward.

The magic happens when we connect and you tell me what you are struggling with. It’s at that moment when my brain flips a switch and the ideas start flowing. It’s hard for me to explain it, but once we get on a call you too will experience the creative power I hold and start to see things differently. See “what people are saying” about working with me.

We will figure out your problems. We will move you forward. And we will do it in a way you can actually understand.


I grew up helping my dad, who was a handyman, on job sites carrying buckets full of broken tile from apartments down to the old, beat up trailer hitched to the old Ford pickup. I knew at that time that kind of work wasn’t for me and that I needed to work hard in order to have a job I enjoy.

You see, I come from a line of hard-working individuals who didn’t have the luxury of taking time off for vacations or just because they wanted to have a day to themselves. I watched how hard everyone in my family worked just to put food on the table.

Outside of working for my dad at such a young age I started selling sodas to the neighborhood kids when they came over to play. What? They wanted the good stuff and I wanted to start a business. It was a win, win for us all. I started babysitting at 12 years old which turned out to be really good money.

As soon as I turned 16 I took it to the next level working part-time at my mom’s office and part-time in childcare. I like variety and working multiple jobs. It not only keeps you active, it also keeps you out of trouble.

Growing up watching the people around me work so hard just to make a buck and provide a decent life for me only motivated me that much more to find something I love to do and make money from it.

I had many “micro jobs” with each one being slightly different from the rest. Some jobs kept me warm as they were inside an actual office building while others were freezing as my work area was in the garage.

Don’t worry. There was nothing illegal going on. All my jobs were legit. It’s just when you work for small businesses most of the time the offices are in the garage where every big business starts right?


From there I picked up other side gigs which all lead me to start and run my first business MIX IT UP magazine. I decided New York was too far away for me to up and move to try and go work for Men’s Health magazine so I decided I’ll just create my own.

I picked up “Starting and Running a successful newsletter of magazine” by Nolo Press and it became a snowball effect from there.

I started MIX IT UP during my senior year of college. That’s right! School, two part-time jobs and running my own magazine…it was awesome!

I ran my MIX IT UP for 2 years having both print and online editions which you can see all 4 issues here. I learned everything I needed to from this business. I went through the motions and it was a blast! It also lead me to the next big thing.

Now I run my creative company Ed Troxell Creative and I am the founder of Stupid Easy® an online course platform. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, a certificate in Sales & Marketing, and working experience with small business owners for over 10 years now.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

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