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Watch the entire Apple Event here.

My notes from the Apple Event

*Note they might be messy as I did not spend time formatting them. I just wanted to share them direct from notes to you.

What you’ll learn from the event:

  • How to present to a large audience
  • How to tell stories
  • How to build your tribe/community
  • Why Doing your research is testing even if it takes years really does pay off


Opened with a quote and closed with a quote from Steve Jobs

Tim said, “It’s about learning, inspiring and connecting.”

Stores = now called town squares. More inviting. A place for people to gather, hang out and collaborate — the new co-working space.

Chose to show off: Camera, Music, App Store for the “today at apple”. They picked only 3 things to focus on.

Apple Watch

Opened with Apple Watch and real letters — feedback — from the customers on how much they love their watch. This made it not about the product but about the experience it provides. Going to have cellular so no need to have your phone with you all the time.


Apple TV – started with a brief history of the evolution of tv before showing examples of 4K and 4KHDR. So they didn’t just tell you, they showed you.

Live sports – see live sports and have the option to turn on and off the score & remaining time so you can decide what to watch.


iPhone – opened with a quick overview of innovations: touching the screen, Siri, Touch ID and Apple Pay, the camera, it’s all lead up to this…iPhone 8. Highest quality video capture in a smartphone.

The 8 looks just like an iPod touch which I predicted, when iPod touch first came out, that it was a prototype for an iPhone.

Wireless charging. My question, how does it work with a case? This should have been covered since most have a case on their phone.

One more thing… (slide): “our teams have been hard at work on this for years” iPhone X.

The 1 big thing that makes them stand out wasn’t wireless charging, that’s been done. It was Face ID. Apple not only made it easy to recognize your face and use that to unlock your phone among other things, they also did their research. Apple tested that Face ID works with your face not a photo or even a mask to replicate your face.

Swiping options are nice! Swipe up to get to your home screen, swipe along the bottom to switch between apps and more. This is a great example of studying the user and creating a better user experience.

What I would have liked to see is iPhone X photos compared to iPhone 7Plus give. This is the most popular phone.

I like the fact that selfie mode on the front lets you use portrait mode.

Touched on battery life being 2 more hours than iPhone 7.

Sneak peak: wireless charging mat — AirPower. Apple wants to change the way we do wireless and wants everyone to work together to change it.

**What I didn’t like, was unlike the other products they didn’t open with a story/experience with the iPhone. They jumped right into the tech specs. This was what everyone was waiting for so why wouldn’t you lead in with a story? Now one could argue that they presented the iPhone in normal Apple fashion by just showing the opening video of just the phone, but given the rest of the presentation it just felt disconnected.

At the end Tim wraps up with a quick overview of what they covered this morning.

Other things to note:

  • Each product had a specific speaker, Tim didn’t speak about everything.
  • Notice that Apple has narrowed down the storage options. It use to be 3 options now it’s 2 which makes sense given all the phone options these days, ha!


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