Are Apple Stores becoming the new Starbucks?

If you’ve been to any malls or large shopping centers you’ve probably noticed the empty spaces popping up all over. Every day another retail location is closing its doors.

Yes, online sales do a play a large part in what appears to be a trend now in retail. I wouldn’t say it’s the only reason. It goes back to testing and trying something new.

For those who have caught my live broadcasts you probably recall me talking about what I’d like to see retail stores start doing — diving deeper into surveying and involving their customers in the inventory process. The one retail store we know is not closing its doors and continues to flourish in the retail space is the Apple Store.

Every day another retail location is closing its doors – not Apple & here's why Click To TweetThe Apple Store is known as the best model for retail stores, bringing in the most sales per square foot around. Just walk by an Apple Store and you will see it’s always packed with people.

Apple also does a great job at surveying their customers, listening to their suggestions, and implementing what they see fit. Of course they too can benefit from my retail store inventory suggestion, but nonetheless, Apple Stores are killing it in the retail game.

But like with any business you have to keep innovating, researching, and testing new things out to see what might take your business to the next level. In other words, don’t be a “lazy business owner.”

Apple just announced their new “Today.”  It’s Apple’s way of making the Apple Store a hub, a community, a meeting place where people come together. In a time where sales can be hit or miss due to the economy and online sales, retail needs to think outside the box — or in this case “think different.”

Check out this great article on LinkedIn “Why Apple’s new in-store experience aims to fuel creativity in everyone” and watch the video interview with Angela Ahrendts. I’ve always been fascinated with Angela and how she handles business. In fact, I have had the privilege of meeting Angela in person at Apple’s WWDC event in 2014 I think. Since then we have communicated via email and she is just simply amazing!

Which brings me to my question, is the Apple Store going to be the new Starbucks? All that it’s missing now is drinks (coffee, tea) and snacks – something that anyone who’s ever waited at the Genius Bar has wanted.


What do you think?

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