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If you’re thinking about building a website on or maybe you already have but find it frustrating to try and build your site then this post is for you. What you need are the right tools in order to help you keep moving forward. Lucky for you, you found me and this blog post which is giving you the years best deals on 2 of my favorite web designing tools!

It should be noted that these tools are ones that I love and use in my business as well as they are the first ones I recommend to anyone whether they’re a client or not. As noted at the top of this post, I am an affiliate for these 2 companies which means I will make some money if you decide to go through one of the links below. Earning money though is not my goal here. My goal here is to provide you with the best tools and resources I have found in order to make building a website on WordPress easier no matter what your tech skills are!

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SiteGround – Best web hosting for your website

This is something I cover more in the course mentioned above but real quick think of web hosting as a storage unit for all your online stuff that you would put on your website. You need this when you want to build a website on WordPress and while there are many companies out the one I use and only recommend is SiteGround!


Web Hosting


Web Hosting

Keep in mind, if you are not happy with your current web ho you can switch. I know it’s no fun waiting more than a minute to be connected to tech support which is why I stick to SiteGround – one of many reasons. Oh, yeah, their support chat is awesome and the longest I’ve ever waited in the 5+ years I’ve been with them has been 5 minutes and that only happened once. Crazy right? Just contact SiteGround and they will help you out!

After you get a web hosting for your website you will want to get a WordPress theme, but not just any old WordPress theme. You want to get the Divi theme below.

Elegant Themes – Divi WordPress Theme

Divi the best WordPress theme for building a website on WordPress is having a huge sale! For those who don’t know, Divi is the only theme I use and recommend to clients. Why? The Divi WordPress theme makes building a website less complicated. Between the amazing templates they provide, the easy to use drag and drop website builder, and the tech support – it’s unbeatable! No matter how tech-savvy you are this is the theme for building your next website!

Black Friday deals on tech and web design Divi

Black Friday deals:

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Cyber Monday deals:

Huge Cyber Monday sale on WordPress theme Divi

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Oh and one more deal for you, over on Stupid Easy teacher memberships are currently on sale. When you become a teacher you get access to the easy to use course builder where you can create unlimited online courses – you can then share and sell those courses.


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