Just when you thought one podcast was enough – two podcasts are even better!

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As most of you know I am the host of the Yes to Entrepreneurship podcast which allows you, the listener, to eavesdrop in on the real conversations entrepreneurs are having while discovering what real life as an entrepreneur is like. I love this show and being able to connect with so many awesome entrepreneurs – it’s beyond amazing and is changing lives!

While producing the show I realized that audio is my thing.

Sure live broadcasting on Facebook and Periscope can be fun, but let’s face it, often times its a lot of work. Most of the time we have to make sure the lighting is right, the sound is good, the background isn’t too distracting and the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, live video is great – it has a time and place, but audio is even better!

A video is harder to consume vs listening to an audio recording.

Podcasting has become my new addiction. I’m always on the hunt for anything related to podcasts. If you follow me on Facebook you know that I’ve shared some posts on podcasts and which ones to check out.

Given my new addiction and my need to share more, I started to play with the idea of creating another show that would be more personal. It would be a show where I can just talk, share my knowledge and keep it moving. I didn’t want to worry about fancy equipment or taking too much time to actually record, edit, and publish in Apple Podcasts.

So I sat on the idea for a few days and revisited this app I had on my phone for some time now called Anchor. Now, if you’re not familiar with the Anchor app I encourage you to check it out here. In a nutshell, Anchor lets anyone create their own radio show and turn it into a podcast which they will publish for you in iTunes.

I’ve been testing the Anchor app out and found it so easy to use and it just seemed to fit perfectly for the new show I was thinking about doing so I went ahead and made it happen!

Anchor really has made podcasting stupid easy! Click To Tweet

As of today, my new show “Check with Ed” is now live in Apple Podcasts.

Check with Ed podcast in Apple Podcasts

For anyone interested in learning more about building a better business, being an entrepreneur and tech this is the show for you. You can subscribe and write a review here.

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