For those who don’t know about Dubsado it’s a fantastic all-in-one business solution software. 

I’ve been a user for some time now and have only barely begun scratching the surface in using their lead capture forms and sending out invoices. Dubsado has so much more to offer for creatives and business owners it’s ridiculous. Seriously, they keep coming out with more features while still holding it all down. I’m part of their Facebook group so I get to see what goes on both from their end and the users end (it’s a support group). What I’m constantly amazed with is how the Dubsado team handles customer service.

The customer service is on point with quick follow-up emails, support videos, webinars, and now even calls — and that’s on top of the Facebook group.

As a business grows, things shift and over time the more features you add the less attractive (in most cases) the business becomes — think Facebook or Instagram.

That being said, Dubsado has done an amazing job to not only deliver excellent customer service but to also stay true to their target market (creatives) while serving others (business owners) who realize they want this.

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I’d also like to point out the marketing and their recent “Day in the life of Dubsado” (featured above) as this is what business owners can also learn from. When you are thinking about social media and what to share or how to connect more with your audience think about this video series.

Think about how you can take what you do and turn it into something that connects you more with your customers.

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