Yet another reason why I love Divi for WordPress websites — especially if you’re not tech savvy.


Real quick, for those not familiar with Divi, Divi is a premium (meaning a paid) WordPress theme (a template if you will) for your WordPress website. It is the only theme I use on my websites like you see here and is the only one I recommend – especially for those who hate WordPress or are just not into tech.

The Divi WordPress theme is an excellent investment for anyone looking to have a website on as it allows you to do as little or as much as you want. Meaning, Divi allows you or your web designer to easily create a stunning website with or without code knowledge. That’s right! Even if you don’t know the code, once you have the Divi theme installed the Divi builder will allow you to create your own pages and post more easily than ever before.

Now, Divi just posted on their blog the new website packs they’ll be releasing every Monday. Watch the Divi video below for more details


These packs will include full-on website layouts including original photos/media that you can use with no license restrictions. This is huge! Not only are they helping you out by providing you with these packs they have also built up an amazing support library which is really why I love and recommend Divi.

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Here is a quick Divi Demo I made of what it looks like on my website


If you are interested in exploring more here’s my affiliate link

If you’re interested in hiring me to build you a website using Divi and WordPress please visit here.

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