While at the 2017 DECA conference in Anaheim, California with one of my clients Lead2Feed I learned about this young entrepreneur Moksh Jawa.

Moksh told his story to hundreds I’m sure but unfortunately, I did not catch his presentation as I was working in the exhibitor’s area. I did hear all about it from a colleague of mine and of course I immediately Googled him later to learn more which you can read his amazing story here.

It’s another fascinating story about entrepreneurship — at a young age nonetheless — and turning a disappointment into an opportunity that would pave the way for his future. It’s truly inspiring!

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Don’t let yourself think your idea is not worth a shot.

If you are passionate about it, do your research and see what happens.

Like I always say, “My job is to deliver the information. Your job is to filter it and take what applies.

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