Why I use email as my main contact mode for my business

There’s a reason why I use email as my main form of communication especially when working with clients.

Whether you love or hate it, email is the best way to conduct business.

Anytime you engage in someone else’s services you need to, no you have to, redirect the conversation back to email. Email is the only safe place that ties both parties together. You see, getting your legal game and financial game on point are the two most important aspects of your business.

Getting your legal game & financial game on point are the 2 most important aspects of your business. Click To Tweet

Whenever you agree to something — verbal still counts — you are entering into a contract with another party. Now I’m not a lawyer but I have met with many and picked this tip up from a recent legal workshop.

Everyday we all (whether you run a business or not) enter into contracts from making a purchase at the grocery store to telling another party you are going to do something.

Go ahead and Google that but it’s probably better to ask a lawyer directly.

That’s why it’s so important to have a contract in place anytime you engage with another party. Now I know it’s hard to do (enter any excuse from it being awkward to being a buzz kill), but it’s worth it so you don’t get screwed.

A contract can be verbal — again redirect to email, more on that next — written in an email, or provided in a formal contract. Of course having something in writing makes everything better as you have a hard copy.

For those who prefer verbal (phone calls), text messaging, or messaging apps please do everyone involved a favor and redirect the conversation to email.

By redirecting the conversation to email you are protecting yourself, the agreement, and everyone can reference back to it. It’s also easier to search for and you can organize it into folders.

How to redirect the conversation

Get in the habit of emailing and making the subject line specific to the conversation (agreement).

If a phone call or text happens to come into play (chances are it will at some point) then just simply respond, “Thank you! Please follow up via email.” Or “Please email me this” or “Let’s continue this conversation via email.” 

Of course you can tweak that to fit your needs but do whatever you need to in order to move the conversation to email.

If you have a phone call after the call shoot them a quick email with a recap of the call. You could say something like, “Great call today! I just wanted to send a recap what we talked about it. Let me know if I missed anything if or if you have any questions.” Simple, to the point, and keeps everyone in check.


Why you need to have a written agreement

The sad truth is that at some point, somewhere with somebody you will run into an issue that you will have to defend that the conversation happened and how it went down.

If you’ve done your part and followed up via email with all your agreements then you won’t have too much to worry about as you have proof of the conversation. Now again, I am not a lawyer and when in doubt you should always seek out a lawyer (not just Google). This is all just advice that I have been given and have come across that I wanted to share with you.

Get it in writing so you're not screwed later

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