More exposure means more sales opportunities

Get ahead of the curve & capture more of the market before your competitors do with this all-in-one Facebook Live, step by step, training. Learn EXACTLY how to market your business online without all the tech headaches. All you need to do is get access to Business Gone LIVE.

1. Start generating more sales opportunities from your Facebook page without all the tech headaches.


2. Connect more with your audience online, across multiple channels, with ease. 


3. Find more time in your day to get more things done in your business. 

Organic Reach is Not Dead

Predicting who sees your Facebook page posts seems impossible right? The algorithm is too complicated. The whole thing can leave you feeling frustrated, like you live on chance, and wondering, “why should I even bother posting on my Facebook page?” But the truth is, no business should have to roll the dice.

The Business Gone LIVE online course teaches you EXACTLY how to navigate the complicated tech and market your business online. All you have to do is get access to Business Gone LIVE


Market your business online with Facebook LIVE

1. Get seen.

We start with creating your content and reframing how you should approach your Facebook page.

2. Get noticed.

We teach you how to use the tech – showing you exactly what to use and how to use it – making it easy for you to go LIVE on your Facebook page.

3. Get results.

We show you how to get the most ROI out of your Facebook LIVE videos (including across multiple channels).

Get seen. Get noticed. Get results.

We know how frustrating posting on your Facebook page can be especially when you are trying to directly connect with your audience and don’t want to be forced to pay for Facebook ads.

This frustration can lead to less posting on your Facebook page or worse, no posting at all which drastically hurts your online business reputation – causing you to loose sales.

We have helped large organizations such as the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center, The Sonoma County Volunteer Center, Professional Marketing Group North Bay, and several small business owners GO LIVE and directly connect with their audience online.

Business Gone LIVE exists because if small business owners embrace Facebook LIVE streaming video on their Facebook business page they are 3x more likely to succeed in business and life.



Ask yourself this…

How much is not going LIVE on your Facebook page costing you?

*On sale for a limited time. For Questions including special rates for groups please Contact Us

Business Gone Live

Course Overview

This course is designed to make marketing your business online easier.

Learn how to:

  • Plan out your content for going Live on Facebook
  • Go Live on Facebook both from your phone and your computer. 
  • Create promotional videos
  • Easily share your screen to show PowerPoints and videos
  • Go Live on Facebook and create your podcast at the same time
  • Share your content like a pro across multiple channels
  • Bonus, receive on-going support through the BGL Support Group

Business Gone LIVE makes it easier for small businesses to market themselves online without all the tech headaches. 

Use This Time to Get Organized, Make a Plan and Go LIVE

1. Access the course

2. Watch from home

3. Grow Your Business

Business Gone LIVE FAQ’s

More about the course including payment plan information

This course will teach you how to…

  1. Better utilize your Facebook business page to attract more leads
  2. Get your posts seen by more people
  3. Build up your audience and create stronger relationships
  4. Actually use the tools we recommend as we show you exactly how to use them (we don’t just tell you to buy something and hope you figure it out)
  5. Create a plan that allows you to show up consistently for your audience
  6. Overcome the tech challenges and your fear of being in front of the camera
  7. Plan and create engaging content as well as show you how to repurpose it later for say a blog post or podcast
  8. Go Live on Facebook from your desktop computer (bonus, we show you how to go live from your phone too!)

The Rewards

Create a magical experience for your audience online

In addition to what the course will teach you, you will also be:

 Improving your marketing efforts online

✔ Positioning yourself as the online expert in your field

 Increasing your organic reach on Facebook (Google indexes your Facebook business page)

✔ Increasing engagement on your social media posts

 Opening the doors to more opportunities including speaking engagements

Everything you learn inside Business Gone Live can be applied to anything you do here online from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Podcasting, Online courses, paid membership, email marketing campaigns, etc.

What You’ll Get

As a student of Business Gone Live, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge around marketing your business through live video. You can also expect to…

  • Access exclusive content, designed specifically for this Course.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge.
  • Improved confidence knowing that you can show up online and deliver your expertise to a global audience consistently.
  • Have more time which you can dedicate to other areas of your business.
  • Connect more with your audience both online and offline.

This course will teach you how to effectively Go Live with a plan on your business page and create a live streaming show that helps your small business show up more consistently online for your audience – building up that “know, like, trust” factor which is key to your online success! 

Do you offer special rates for groups?

Yes, please contact us for more details. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, if you would prefer a payment plan option please reach out to us here for more information.

What if it doesn't work?

Best case scenario:

You take the course, you produce an online show that sets you up for life.


  • Get leads
  • Sign clients
  • Make sales
  • Build up your skills
  • Get a ton of exposure every month
  • And you open up your schedule, making room for more opportunities.

Worst-case scenario:

You did all of the work and really put your all into implementing everything you learned from the course and created 10 episodes full of original content that you can now use for anything in your business – from starting a podcast to creating a paid offer.

Not to mention you now have a better idea of time management as well as project management. 

Really, it’s a win-win for you.

Remember, Business Gone Live is all about building up your skills that will attract that additional income.

Ok, but I already go live so how can Business Gone Live help me?

Perfect! Business Gone Live can help you take your live streaming videos to the next level!

I'm shy & don't like being on camera

I know exactly how you feel because believe it or not that was me when I first started. Seriously! 

I never liked being on camera or speaking in front of people. For most of my life, I was the kid who sat in the back of the room hoping no one would call on me to get up in front of everyone. 

In 2015, I forced myself to get in front of the camera because I knew that if I didn’t my business would not make it – seriously, I had this talk with myself before risking everything to run my business full-time.

Trust me, if I can do it you can to especially now with me by your side!


Why Facebook Live?

Whether you love or hate Facebook it is still the #1 social media network which means everyone is on it. 

Facebook provides businesses with many opportunities and since Facebook Busines Pages show up on Google it is the perfect place to start! 

Business Gone Live will help you show up more consistently, and pain-free, on your Facebook Business Page which will also help boost your business ranking on Google!

There is a method behind the madness!

Added benefits to going live

✔ Builds up your confidence

✔ Increases engagement

✔ Gives you weekly content to post on your Facebook business page

✔ Increases your organic reach on Facebook

✔ Provides you with original content

✔ Provides you with a roadmap for building a sustainable online presence

✔ Improves your public speaking skills – not to mention it opens you up to more speaking opportunities

✔ Helps you build up your resource library

✔ Makes creating a new podcast, email campaign, an online course or even a paid membership group easier

✔ Gives you more time to work on other things

✔ Opens the doors to more opportunities

The Business Gone Live course makes creating video content easy for any business owner to adapt and quickly implement so that you can show up, deliver, and engage consistently with your audience online!

What's the difference between Pre-recorded video vs Facebook Live video?

When it comes to video, the social platforms favor live broadcasting over any other post including uploaded video therefore you can organically reach more people without paying for ads.


👉 82% prefer live video (live broadcasting) to a brand’s standard social posts.

👉 80% of social media users would rather watch live video (live broadcasting) from a brand than read a blog.

🎯Facebook users spend 3x as much time watching Facebook Live videos than standard pre-recorded videos.

Live video also increases your engagement rate which helps across the board from getting your business page posts seen to learning exactly what your audience wants from you right away – pre-recorded video just doesn’t give you that same engagement.

Live broadcasting also allows you to be more strategic in your marketing efforts online which I love!

In a nutshell, live video is the best way to increase your organic reach here on Facebook and will help you across the board online.

Pro’s to Live Video Streaming:

  • live video, audiences are given the opportunity to receive authentic and relatable access to a brand
  • Less pressure to get everything “perfect”
  • Save you time
  • Higher engagement
  • Listen and respond to your community in real-time
  • All the social networks favor live video over any other type of posts
  • Less costly
  • Build an authentic connection with your audience
  • Easily share and repurpose
Can I hire you to host my show?

Yes, if you would like me to host your show so that you can just focus on delivering your content please email me for more details. 

In the news...
  • Packagd is now helping Facebook build shopping capabilities to let users in the platform’s Marketplace section make purchases directly from live video broadcasts. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg that the company is “exploring ways to let buyers easily ask questions and place orders within a live video broadcast.”
  • Colin Wayne, “CEO of Redline Steel, started his home decor company just three years ago and is now the biggest player in his industry in the United States. How did he beat the big boys as a brand new player? He fosters a close connection by going live almost daily.”
  • Dennis Yu’s small business video predictions for 2020 (Dennis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, TechCrunch, Fox News, and is the co-author of Facebook Nation. He regularly contributes to Adweek’s SocialTimes, and has published in Social Media Examiner, Social Media Club, and Social Fresh.) “I was just at Facebook HQ this morning and want to share with you this marketing trend you cannot ignore in 2020: Authentic-looking, short-form, distributed video is now key to driving sales for small business. AUTHENTIC-LOOKING means it doesn’t look like an advertisement.”
  • Exclusive: Multi-Millionaire Supa Cent Shares Her Secret Sauce To Making Millions In 90 Minutes. Supa said, “The secret sauce is engaging with your followers. I engage with all my fans, I engage with everyone. Whoever comes to my page, I engage with them! I promote a lot and I’m involved with the people that spend money with me!
  • IAB Research:
    • 47% state they stream more live video content now than they did a year ago
    • 70% are consuming digital video content via a ‘connected device’ (PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet or connected TV) several times a day/once a day – This reflects a clear desire for live video content around the globe
    • 64% took action after seeing an ad during a live video stream – and brand recall, clickthrough, and site visits are the primary actions provoked
    • The primary motivation for live streaming video content is the desire and need to stay in tune and up-to-date. Consumers want to be able to check-in/catch up when they want, on the move, so that they don’t miss out and stay up-to-date. They also enjoy the experience of sharing with others of similar interest
    • Quality content and connection speed are key drivers in choosing what to watch


Now Showing


MOX Life Show

An interactive business and lifestyle show, designed for ambitious professionals, who want to achieve their most inspired and prosperous life. Each episode features a guest on topics ranging from marketing, media strategically, hosting events to gain exposure, new technologies, creating a success mindset, and much more!

Host Midori Verity started with the basic BGL framework and evolved over time into what is now called The MOX Life which is an excellent example of a hybird model as it combines both live streaming and pre-recorded video episodes.


Mid-Day Live

A new series from the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center connecting small business owners with the latest business disaster updates so they can stay informed and know where to go for support.

This is the first time the SBDC has embraced Facebook Live or any live streaming services before and after just the first episode the results were phenomenal: 4k+ people reached, 1.6k views, 51 shares, 50+comments, 40+ new page likes, and 50+ new followers and all of this was organic using the same strategies and framework the BGL course provides you with.

Ed Talk TV

A weekly Facebook Live show helping small business owners get connected to the right people and tools that will help them overcome their online business challenges from programs to use to how to use social media to market your business organically to how to overcome your tech challenges – Ed Talk TV, conversations worth having!

Why we do what we do

We believe that no one should be held back by technology so we remove the tech barriers and make it easy for small businesses to show up online.

3x Your success today


Ed Troxell


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At Ed Troxell Creative we know small business owners are faced with tech challenges every day which prevents them from reaching more people online and growing their business.
That is why we created Business Gone Live to help the 30.7 million small businesses here in the U.S. learn how to use live streaming video to help them reach more people online, accelerate their lead generation, and grow their business.

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