3X more likely to succeed in business

Small business owners who embrace Facebook Live streaming video are 3x more likely to succeed in business and life. That is why Business Gone Live (BGL) exists – to help small business owners reach more people organically online, accelerate their lead generation, and grow their business through live streaming video. Go Live with a plan today!


Designed for the small business owner who wants to…

1. Show up.

Do you want to reach more people organically (without ads) and grow your business online?

2. Deliver.

Are you looking for an easier way to share your business offers and updates?

3. Engage.

Do you want to build up your audience and strengthen your client relationships online – accelerating that “know, like, trust factor” – so that people continue to buy from you time and time again?

When you take the Business Gone Live course, you’re signing up to make your business stand out here online:

Many small business owners find it challenging to reach more people on Facebook without paying for ads and actually get their posts seen by others. The frustration can lead to less posting on their Facebook business page or worse, no posting at all which drastically hurts their online business reputation (Google and SEO).

Our program, Business Gone Live, teaches the simple framework that will get your posts seen by more people (without ads) using our Facebook Live streaming video strategies which will accelerate your lead generation and grow your business online. In fact, small business owners will 3x their online success rate when they take the Business Gone Live course – from people reached on Facebook, views, engagement, leads, repurposing, and other business opportunities. 

Business Gone Live exists because if small business owners embrace Facebook Live streaming video they are more likely to succeed in business and life.

What will my experience with BGL be like?


We know how challenging going live can be from mindset to planning to the tech so we break it all down for you. We even offer 2 course options: Getting Started & Pro-Training.


We will guide you through every step from planning your content (“episodes”), practicing going live to actually showing you how to Go Live with a plan and reach more people organically online.


BGL is designed to help every small business owner learn the live streaming video strategies that will allow them to be comfortable both on and off camera when marketing their business.

Why we do what we do

We connect small business owners with the right tools and strategies that help them reach more people online so they can accelerate their lead generation and grow their business.


Now Showing


MOX Life Show

An interactive business and lifestyle show, designed for ambitious professionals, who want to achieve their most inspired and prosperous life. Each episode features a guest on topics ranging from marketing, media strategically, hosting events to gain exposure, new technologies, creating a success mindset, and much more!

Host Midori Verity started with the basic BGL framework and evolved over time into what is now called The MOX Life which is an excellent example of a hybird model as it combines both live streaming and pre-recorded video episodes.


Mid-Day Live

A new series from the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center connecting small business owners with the latest business disaster updates so they can stay informed and know where to go for support.

This is the first time the SBDC has embraced Facebook Live or any live streaming services before and after just the first episode the results were phenomenal: 4k+ people reached, 1.6k views, 51 shares, 50+comments, 40+ new page likes, and 50+ new followers and all of this was organic using the same strategies and framework the BGL course provides you with.

Ed Talk TV

A weekly Facebook Live show helping small business owners get connected to the right people and tools that will help them overcome their online business challenges from programs to use to how to use social media to market your business organically to how to overcome your tech challenges – Ed Talk TV, conversations worth having!

3x Your success today


Ed Troxell


Grow Your Business Online

Show up. Deliver. Engage.

about Us

At Ed Troxell Creative we know small business owners are faced with tech challenges every day which prevents them from reaching more people online and growing their business.
That is why we created Business Gone Live to help the 30.7 million small businesses here in the U.S. learn how to use live streaming video to help them reach more people online, accelerate their lead generation, and grow their business.

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