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Here at Yes to Entrepreneurship we have some exciting opportunities for you to get seen and heard online! Please choose from one of the three options below:

1. Ed Talk TV – Apply Here

2. Yes to Entrepreneurship Network Guest Expert – Apply Here

3. Yes to Entrepreneurship Podcast – Apply Here


What questions do you ask guests?

Ed doesn’t actually have a set of standard questions – he usually just pull conversation starters from the form you filled out.

Some typical questions that do come up in most conversations though are ones like

    1. How did you get started/what motivated you to do…
    2. What tools do you use that have helped you stay organized?
    3. How did you feel when you finally gave yourself permission to hire someone because while many entrepreneurs need to do this, it’s one area that we fear the most given tight budgets
What happens after I fill out the guest request form?

You will get a confirmation email letting you know that we received your request form. We will then review and reach back out with further details.

Please note, we do our best to get back to you and accommodate all requests as we see fit for our shows. 

Do you use the questions from the guest form anywhere?

Yes, the questions on the guest form will be used to help me guide the conversation and I will use some of them for the show notes. 

When will my episode be published?

For approved requests, we will send over a calendar option for you to choose a date that best fits for recording.

Please note, Ed Talk TV airs on Monday’s at 10 AM PST.

All approved guests will be required to share out their episodes to their network (email list, social media networks, etc.) once their episode is published.

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