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While meeting with my good friend Debbie, known as the DIY Teacher, she mentioned this podcast The WordPress Chick. Immediately I searched iTunes for it and started listening. The first episode just so happened to be SEO Growth with Phil Singleton. Now before I dive into what was said, let me remind you that I’ve been testing out a new blog post strategy with Yes to Entrepreneurship here.

My strategy is to create the majority of my content on my blog – making my blog the starting point for pretty much everything. Which really makes everything so much easier right? I mean, I know I have to create content and now I have one major place I go to do that (my website) and then use social media to push the content out.

Now when I go to Facebook or Instagram or any other social media site I think twice before I post. I think about what kind of post (status update) is this going to be? If it’s short and sweet I can post directly to the social media platform. More often than not now my posts are or could be longer. That means I need to post on my blog first and then pushing out to social media. Why put your best content on someone else’s platform first where many of your customers or potential customers are not seeing it? By making this shift in my content strategy I have been able to put out blog posts like crazy!

Back to this episode on SEO with Phil, he starts talking about his content strategy. That is, instead of thinking about blogging once a week with all these one-off blog posts start thinking about a series — specifically 10 and post your content on your website first because that is your area.

You don’t own Facebook or Twitter. So many of us put our best content up on these social media sites and when we do all our hard work is gone instantly. Not to mention we feel stressed out because we have to keep up our website, blog, Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, should I keep going? Just post short, fun things like cat videos everyone seems to love directly on social media.

Using Phil’s content strategy (like I mentioned, I’ve been doing this — validation that I know what I’m talking about right?) you are not just creating a blog post. You are creating your social media posts, an ebook, a course or even a podcast.

It’s so easy to get caught up in posting directly to social media sites like Facebook. What you need to start thinking about is, what you want people to do? If you’re a business or soon to be a business you want people on your website, not someone else’s.

Since I am in the middle of preparing to launch the Yes to Entrepreneurship Podcast I wanted to also highlight what Phil brings up about podcasters. Many podcasters don’t even host their podcast (blog posts with episodes) on their website directly. Often times you will see they have their podcast posted up on a podcasting site like Libsyn with little to no mention on their own website – why? You are missing out on a huge opportunity here. I know it’s easy to get caught up with all the content and websites/services, but just remember your website is the starting place for all your content. Be sure to check out 44 minutes for podcast and blog ideas.


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