If you ever wanted to hear all the secrets to entrepreneurship, writing a book, marketing, and selling then listen to this. Guest Jesse Krieger shares his entrepreneurial journey on The WordPress Chick show. Jesse perfectly touches on every major point on entrepreneurship in this episode Ready to Write? Online Book Summit with Jesse Krieger WPCP: 148.



Here's how you can get your message out to the world

If you're thinking about it, then you're meant to do it. - Jesse Krieger Click To Tweet

Whether you are thinking about writing a book (that’s the main focus of this episode), going into entrepreneurship or just looking to improve your skills (marketing, sales and fighting imposter syndrome), you should listen to this show.

Jesse and I are about to be good friends — I totally clicked with how he presented everything in this episode. Both Jesse and Kim (The WordPress Chick) nailed it when they talk about that imposter syndrome. Many of us want to venture out but don’t because we let excuses and fear hold us back.

Listen, you have a story to share and if you’re passionate about whatever it is you want to do, just start. See what happens.

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