Are you a lazy business owner?

Warning: the truth hurts but know that I’m doing it out of love. It’s my job is to help you build a better business.

A lazy business owner is someone who starts a business but doesn’t keep up with it.

A lazy business owner is someone who stops doing his/her research, stops keeping up with technology, and stops providing good customer service — I’m not even talking about top quality customer service here. I’m just talking good old listening to the customer’s concern and talking it out.

Yes, a lazy business owner is someone who is just in business doing the same old thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with sticking to what you know but you have to keep moving with the times.

Those who know me and have read my blog know that I’m really passionate about running a successful business and getting paid on time.

If you are a business owner or know someone who is then you better be accepting credit cards. I don’t want to hear all the excuses (it sounds like a process, the fees, I don’t have time to set up or manage that, etc.). Stop.

Technology has made it so easy for you to set up and start accepting credit cards in under 5 minutes if you already have a business bank account…which you should have a business account separate from your personal accounts.

If you don’t you’re a lazy business owner. If you don’t know the “how” that’s one thing. Just reach out to me or do a quick Google search to help educate yourself on the process.

Literally, type into Google “how to start accepting credit cards” and see what’s out there. If you don’t want to do the research then you reach out to me and will get you setup. I can’t tell you how many times this year I’ve heard from small business owners “I don’t have that (credit card processing) set up and (enter excuse). And these are small business owners whose invoices are nothing to sneeze at.

Yes, there are fees involved but if you go with the right processors — Stripe or even QuickBooks — it won’t be as bad.

Plus, you save paper/ink/money on stamps/travel and I’m sure I’m missing something. Not to mention you, the person trying to get paid, are ok with waiting and hoping the other person pays on time.

These days not accepting credit cards doesn’t just make you a lazy business owner it also makes you an unattractive business owner.

Think about how nice it would be to draw up an invoice, hit send, and 30-seconds later get a notification that your invoice is paid? This is an active business owner.

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Meanwhile, a lazy business owner has to…
  • Draw up the invoice
  • Print it (maybe email it)
  • Write out an envelope
  • Put a stamp on it
  • Go to the mailbox (or worse drive to the post office) hope it only takes a couple days to get to the client
  • Wait for the client to open it (hopefully that day) within 1-3 days
  • Then wait for the client to write a check, have them repeat the sending process
  • You get the check
  • You drive to the bank
  • Deposit the check
  • Wait at least a day if not longer for the check to clear before you actually get paid 

    Do you see the difference of why your business should accept credit cards?

    Let’s all help each other cut out the excuses and work together to be active business owners. We all have worked hard to get to where we are at with our businesses. Why start slacking off now?

    I realize this might be harsh to hear and for those who’ve been in business for a long time reading this might be upset. That’s ok. Take that feeling and turn it into motivation.

    Motivation to do better. To be better. Your business depends on it.

    Always keep doing your research and stay up to date with the technology and how the customers are using it.

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