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In this episode, we talked about

  • Technology, fashion, and the beauty business
  • Turning your day job into a resource hub
  • Living a simple life
  • Why you always need to have a plan B
  • Crisis management
  • How sometimes you have to go through a few people before finding the right person
  • Which era you need to go back to and learn from


  • “There are no rules. There are only principles”
  • “Entrepreneurship doesn’t get any better than that – taking what you love and making money from it”
  • “Entrepreneurship is the vehicle to freedom”
  • “When you’re an employee there is no end game so the drive is different”
  • “When you’re an entrepreneur you have a mission, a vision, a dream, a goal – that’s your end game.”
  • “You have to be innovative in your thinking.”
  • “If you plan on leaving, turn your job into your client”
  • “I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room ever”
  • “I feel confident enough to go do what I need to do to build my business out”
  • “I realized I’m not dreaming big enough. I’m playing way too small”
  • “The greatest master is the greatest student”

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  • Nicole Walters

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Questions I ask prior to meeting

Business/Brand/Blog name::

Who are you/what role do you play in your business?: Founder

Tell me a little bit about yourself:: I’m a well-traveled Storyteller who loves hip hop, Prince, bookstores and long conversations about this thing called life. I am have been an entrepreneur for 27 years and it has been an amazing journey. But I couldn’t imagine life any other way. My entry into entrepreneurship began through the beauty industry when after working for people I forged out on my own as an independent contractor. This freedom allowed me to dive into other areas that I love including the publishing and music industry. And now my mission is to teach 1 million women the power of their story and the freedom of entrepreneurship.

What are the 2 biggest challenges you have with entrepreneurship: Pinpointing what exactly I wanted to do and finding the right mentor.

We are at the local coffee shop down the street and I’m about to leave. Tell me 3 things you want me to walk away with from our meeting.: 1) How to continue our conversation and stay connected. 2)That I am here to support the solution, not the problem. 3)That I am trustworthy

Favorite drink: Ginger Ale

Name a place you would like to be at right now for this interview (we won’t actually be there, but it’s always nice to pretend right?): Outside ideally at a park with a pond.

Favorite quote:: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frighten us. – Marianne Williamson

Yes to Entrepreneurship with Monica Tyson


Background on the podcast

This podcast came out of a need to connect fellow entrepreneurs and show them they are not alone in feeling the way they do. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing but it’s not always easy and most don’t talk openly about the not so attractive side of being an entrepreneur.

The Yes to Entrepreneurship is a podcast for anyone who is thinking about starting their own business or is already running one. This show features entrepreneurs who meet and talk about business, life, and how it all plays out.

Imagine sitting at a coffee shop and overhearing the people next to you talk about entrepreneurship – that’s exactly what this show is about. Swing by and drop in on our conversations – you’re bound to pick up a thing or two!

Be sure to check out for the complete line-up of episodes, show notes, and connect with all the guest from the show. You can support the show by leaving a review in iTunes, a comment on the blog, and if you’re really feeling generous leave me a tip.


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