So I am a total nerd and couldn’t wait to share this new site re-design I just finished.

Trust me when I say, this took some time.

Now when you go to you are presented with 3 options: Business, Local Tech Help, and Having the home page setup this way has always been a part of my vision, it’s just taken longer to connect all the dots.

You see, Ed Troxell Creative is supposed to be my creative powerhouse. The place where I can allow my creativity and skills to flow freely. As I built out the site and started to fine tune things I realized it was too cluttered.

You know me, I am all about the user experience and really just giving you a clean and to the point website where you can find everything you need. About 3 weeks ago, everything clicked!

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It was a Monday morning when I told myself I was going to tackle my to-do list before checking social media (I used to wake up, grab the phone, and start scrolling through Facebook). It was a challenge for sure especially when that pesky notification number kept going up – 40 to be exact. I hate seeing those numbers and try to answer as quickly as possible.

This personal challenge worked so well and the results were huge for day one that I decided to continue this personal challenge of no social media before 10 am.

Later that night I was feeling a bit down and out. We all get these moments, but they are especially strong when you are an entrepreneur – where are my fellow entrepreneurs that can back me up on this one?

It wasn’t until late that evening when I watched a Facebook Live (that brought my mood up) and received an email from a friend regarding entrepreneurship for kids in schools (or lack thereof). It made me circle back to my notes in Evernote on my business mentoring note.

I sat on the couch and thought – maybe I should try and figure out a name for this part of the business to help put things into perspective?

10-minutes later I had spit fired 3-4 names before it hit me – Yes to Entrepreneurship.

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I thought surely this name must be taken. I mean, it’s got spark, action, and tells you exactly what it is about, not to mention it’s what I love to do – help people see the opportunities they have right in front of them.

I headed over to my trusty domain name register (affiliate link here which will save you) and typed in and sure enough it was available!

From that moment everything fell into place for my consulting part of Ed Troxell Creative. I got right to work with planning out the new website, creating filtered information for both entrepreneurs and small business owners (both are people I service). This was my missing link. The link that put everything into perspective both for me and my audience.

Between establishing and cutting out social media in the mornings I have been on fire  – moving the needle in my business.


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How can you apply this “No social media before 10 am” in your business

Take my no social media challenge. It’s super easy and watch the needle in your business move!

Here’s what you need to do:

Tell yourself the night before (I started on a Monday, so I told myself on Sunday) you are not going to check social media in the mornings before 10 am. Then make sure you close your browser tabs on the computer and if you have to, turn off your notifications. On your smartphone, move your social media icons to your second or third home screen (this makes it harder to be tempted).

If you have to use Facebook Messenger (I get it, many use this for business) you still can as long as you go to vs This way you can’t see those notifications.

Then write out your to-do list – at least the top 3 things you would like to accomplish that day.

In the morning when you wake up remind yourself, no social media until 10 am. Set an alarm if you need to and get right to work.

Take away: 

  • Always write down your ideas so you can circle back to them later (Evernote is amazing)
  • Cut out the noise for a few hours a day and you’ll be surprised at home much you can accomplish
  • If you’re creating a website remember it takes time and will always be changing (more tips here)


Share with me in the comments how it went! Was it easy? Challenging? Did you make it to 10 am?

Bonus points: Tag me on Facebook (@EdTroxellCreative) and share a photo or video of you.

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