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Helping entrepreneurs stay up to date with technology – overcome any tech struggles – and get connected with the right tools and resources that make doing business online easier!

I joined because this is where I find invaluable access to tech related business information that is critical to my profit.

Micki Webb

Consultant for Education Staffing Agencies

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network brings together ambitious entrepreneurs – the Y-Notter’s – who want to grow their business online and master the principles of organic marketing so they can connect with their ideal audience, collaborate with fellow business owners, and create more engaging content that actually converts into sales – allowing them to build a sustainable business over time.

Did You Know…

  • 30% of small business owners say that keeping up with technology advances is a major concern (Bluecorona)
  • 51.3% say driving sales and 48.4% say building brand awareness are the two top digital marketing priorities for small businesses (Leadpages)
  • 59% percent of small business leaders express difficulty implementing and rolling out new technologies (Salesforce)

When you join the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network you can be brought up to speed with technology and stay ahead of the curve – we make technology “stupid easy” for you!

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network provides positive vibes that empower you to show up online, deliver your expertise, and engage with your audience like never before!

    From the creator, Ed Troxell,

    My intent here with the network is to help you – the Y-Notter – build your business online in the easiest most efficient way possible. The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is something I wish I had when I started my business. It’s a starting place for us all – to learn what we don’t know without the fear of being judged. It doesn’t really matter where you’re at in your business – aspiring, startup, 10 years in – because with technology rapidly changing all the time there is surely something we all can learn from one another. I realize this might scare some of you off because you want something very specific to capture you here but this network truly is something special that connects you with the right resources. My job is to provide a safe, positive online community where we all can gather to share valuable resources which makes scaling our businesses online easier!

    Click on the video below to take a peek inside the network!

    Start here. Start today. Start now.

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    Is the network right for you?

    While anyone in business could learn a thing or two from our network it is really geared towards entrepreneurs who:

    • Seek an empowering and engaging community that will be there to help support them when they need it
    • Value honesty, transparency, and judgment-free space where they can really grow in
    • See the value of being online and want to scale their business
    • Want to expand their mindset, network, and grow their business online
    • Are either just getting started or have been in business for up to 5 years already – again anyone can learn something here, this is just the majority of entreprenerus we serve


    The key is surrounding yourself with people who support you, are skilled and can help you bring the vision to life – that’s the power of the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network.


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    Ask Yourself…

    • Do you ever feel like it’s just you doing ALL of the things, spinning your wheels and not getting very far?
    • Do you feel like those around you just don’t get “it” – entrepreneurship, and the leap you’ve taken?
    • Do you ever feel like you must be so far behind because you don’t know where to start or where to find the right resources?

    If so, then the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is for you!

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    How Does It Work?

    1. Join the network – Sign up takes less than 2-minutes!

    2. Start connecting – Once you become a member you will be able to start connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, share resources with each other, and learn from one another.

    3. Ask & you shall receive – You don’t know what you don’t know so just ask and discover your answer without feeling judged for not knowing. 

    The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network will empower you and connect you with the right resources to help you START and GROW your business online.

    You got 99 decisions to make today, we want to help you make the one that’s going to count – Join The Network!

    Join The Network Today!

    Why You Should Join?

    The hardest part use to be knowing where to start and how – not any more thanks to the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network!

    About Ed Troxell

    Hi, my name is Ed Troxell, Founder of Yes to Entrepreneurship. I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses online.

    I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, showing others the ropes, sharing the best resources I come across, and making the whole process more enjoyable for everyone!

    Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be very lonely too and I want to help with that by bringing people together inside the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network!

    My goal is to connect entrepreneurs – also known as a “Y-Notter”– with the right resources – people, community, tools, and support – that make scaling their business online easier. I bring a unique set of skills to the table (like a Swiss Army knife) that is sure to be a game-changer for any business.

    Ed’s Background

    Ed has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Sales & Marketing certification, was Publisher of MIX IT UP Magazine, and has worked for small and large businesses including Apple Inc.

    Featured in: Funnel Magazine, Huffington Post, Biz Talk Podcast, Fit Talk Radio, The Story Engine, The Entrepreneur Way Podcast, Smart Web Creators, What’s Your Next Move Podcast.


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