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Hello Edsters!

I wanted to post this note so I wouldn’t miss anything, ha!

I’m so excited to be announcing the biggest shift in my business that I know will continue to help you grow your business even more!

Before I get to that announcement though let me just mention how significant November has been both now and in the past. I didn’t realize until just the other day when I paused to reflect on everything.

When I quit my 9 to 5 job at Apple to risk everything and invest 100% in me being a full-time entrepreneur it was in November of 2015. When I created Stupid Easy, an online-course platform meant to remove the tech barriers most faced elsewhere as well as deliver bite-sized content it was in November. 

Last year when I briefly tested moving Hey Ed away from Facebook it was in November – I/we were just not ready at the time which I’ve learned a lot since then.

Fast forward to this year, I found out last week from that November is National Entrepreneur month which now makes total sense why November seems to be such a hot month for me at least. On top of that we have Small Business Saturday coming up on the 30th which leads us into the announcement!

In honor of National Entrepreneur month, Small Business Saturday, and our Business Growth as a whole I am excited – nervous because let’s face it, change does that to us – to announce the upcoming launch of the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network which will house our Hey Ed community! πŸ₯³


*Current Hey Ed members will be grandfathered in at the price they signed up for. Anyone who signed up at a higher price will be able to switch to the new plan.

Now, anyone can join the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network, an online co-working space (current Hey Ed members this is included) and anyone who wants to join Hey Ed now has two options:

1. Hey Ed Tech Support (current members this is what you all signed up for originally & will continue to have access to)

2. Hey Ed + Accountability (new plan, current members will need to upgrade if they want to be part of this, please reach out) 

Both plans listed above will include access to the network which is our community space. I also added a new All-Access package which will bundle everything for those entrepreneurs who really want to work closely with me while being able to access everything else. 

I am so excited to finally bring the bigger vision to life which in turn will help you in your entrepreneurial journey even more!

Plus, you can bring your friends who maybe have been on the fence before – I have been working really hard to make this all happen and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

What Happens Next?


In order to avoid the problem of having two communities at once, starting on Saturday, September 30 β€” National Small Business Day! β€” I will be archiving the Facebook group, and asking that ALL conversations be moved to our new home on Mighty Networks. Please note, this is a brand new Mighty Network account so you will need to take a few minutes to create your profile – trust me, it will be worth it!

What do I need to know/do? 

  1. Click the magic link I send you to access our new home.
  2. Set up your profile (headshot, bio, links)
  3. Set your personal notifications (you choose how you want to be notified – email, mobile app, desktop, it’s all customizable which is awesome!)
  4. I’ll send you a welcome message with more details
  5. Post when you need something (so much easier and quicker than Facebook) and pop-in when you can so you stay part of a community

I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you will continue to allow me to support you and your business.


But I love Facebook and I’m already on Facebook!


I know, I know, change is challenging.

But really, you are going to LOVE our new home on Mighty Networks!

In addition to everything listed above, here are some of the fabulous things about our new space:

β€’ You can find other members based on their “specialty” (i.e., their primary creative expression)

β€’ You can find people based on their physical proximity to you, wherever you happen to be in the world (so if you’re traveling, and another member is nearby, the mobile app will tell you! Not such a big deal now, perhaps, but as we grow, this will be super-cool as it applies to everyone on the network, not just in Hey Ed!)

β€’ You can write “Articles” with as many embedded images and videos as you want! (“Posts” are shorter messages; “Articles” are longer ones)

β€’ You can include images and/or videos in your comments on other people’s (or your own) Posts and Articles, too!

β€’ You can send private messages to other members, just like on Facebook

β€’ There’s a fabulous mobile app, that makes it really easy to use on-the-go! Using the app also keeps you logged in so no need to worry about β€œlogging into” something else.

Come on in, the water’s fine.


What is Yes to Entrepreneurship Network?

The network has always been part of my bigger vision for us – it’s an online co-working space for solo/entre-preneurs everywhere! Anyone can join the network to connect with others both online & offline (this is a huge feature that I love!). I will share articles, quotes, and general information similar to what I do on my Facebook business page but without having to scroll endlessly to find something or miss because Facebook holds it back. So the network is a place for solo/entre-preneurs to connect and share resources.

What do I need to do now then?

Current Hey Ed Members will be given a special link to join our new home (it will take maybe 5-minutes for you to create a profile, trust me it is super easy and will benefit you greatly as we grow the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network). 

Why are we leaving Facebook?

Reasons have been mentioned above and in addition…

  • Facebook has never been part of the bigger visions and we all know that Facebook can be a great stepping stone but it is not a place to build a solid foundation for growing a business. These days so many of us are limiting our time spent on Facebook due to the glitchy, unreliable platform which doesn’t show us everything we actually want to see or need to see. Many of us hop on to post for our business and jump right back off because we know if we don’t stay focused we will get stucked into the black hole. Facebook is a huge distraction when trying to learn something and it is limiting our growth – where I want to take us and connect us with others.

Why The Move? 

  • Facebook is a huge distraction
  • Time seems to disappear when people are on Facebook and many tend to zone out
  • Facebook groups are great for starting but are not built for growing businesses
  • There are minimal notification controls and members can miss important posts
  • Facebook is too glitchy and full of ads


Do I have to log into something new every time?
NOPE! What’s awesome is that you can either download the mobile app (keeps you logged in) or keep an internet browser tab open and it will keep you logged in.

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