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The Yes to Entrepreneurship Podcast is about the people I (Ed Troxell) meet up with, the conversations we have, and how together (including you, the listener who is eavesdropping in on our conversations) we can help each other out. The most important thing to note here is teamwork equals success and without teamwork – like many things in life – this podcast would not be possible. Remember, you are not alone and someone is waiting for you to share your story.

“Don’t regret anything you do, because in the end it makes you who you are.” – Unknown


YTE 026: Regain your love for teaching with Sarah Leonard

In this episode we talked about: Realizing that her teaching job was not bringing her joy anymore and that joy was replaced with stress, depression among other health issues – something had to change! Communicating with her husband about the health issues her job was...

YTE 024: How back pain lead to a pain-free business with Adri Kyser

In this episode we talked about: What we talked about: Health, wellness, pain, and how everything leads you to the next step. We also talk about the hustle and what really happens as well as breaking past the fear of what others think. Sponsor: – A new...

YTE 022: What do you want to be known for with Jillian Lama

In this episode we talked about: - Getting started in entrepreneurship and going from a baker with a brick and mortar to being an online coach- Sales and marketing- Personal development and why you need to make time for it Sponsor: – A new online...

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