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Yes to Entrepreneurship

Podcast Episodes

YTE 042: Screw the Nine to Five with Jill Stanton

YTE 042: Screw the Nine to Five with Jill Stanton

In this episode, get to know how Jill and her husband Josh Stanton started their business and what lead them to Screw the Nine to Five. What obstacles did they have to overcome? Are these obstacles similar to ones you are facing right now? What is "the plan" and did...

YTE 041: (Re)Human with Kristina Hoyer

YTE 041: (Re)Human with Kristina Hoyer

Learn how Veteran Navy Rescue Swimmer Kristina Hoyer turned her life around after health issues forced her to leave her dream job behind. This is a powerful, jam-packed episode – everything from mindset shifts, self-doubt, opening the doors of availability to your...

YTE 040: Build a better beta course with Lindsay Padilla

YTE 040: Build a better beta course with Lindsay Padilla

In this episode, we talk about quitting a full-time job, selling everything to travel around the world and run your business on the go. Find out what was a game-changer for Lindsay in her business that every entrepreneur needs to hear as well as what an online course...

YTE 039: Visibility is power with Roshanda Pratt

YTE 039: Visibility is power with Roshanda Pratt

In this episode, we talked about going from a TV producer to this “corky thing” called entrepreneurship. Discover why Roshanda left her full-time job, what she is doing now, and what social media tool has been a game-changer for our businesses. Tune into this episode...

“Don’t regret anything you do, because in the end it makes you who you are.”

– Unknown


The Show

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Podcast is about the people I (Ed Troxell) meet up with, the conversations we have, and how together (including you, the listener who is eavesdropping in on our conversations) we can help each other out.

The most important thing to note here is teamwork equals success and without teamwork – like many things in life – this podcast would not be possible.

Remember, you are not alone and someone is waiting for you to share your story.

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