The power of online learning with podcasts

In this personal Facebook live I share with you the power of online learning and why you need to be listening to podcasts. No matter how much time you have (or don’t have) or how limited your budget maybe, you need to be listening to podcasts. Podcasts = free education!

“When you open yourself up to networking with people who know more than you and when you’re opening yourself up to learn, good things come your way.” – Jessica McKinley


What I listened to this morning:

1. Brock Johnson and his new podcast…/social-media…/id1260289545…

2. Christa Biegler…/less…/id1259689715…

Fine for those interested is Yes to Entrepreneurship…/yes-to…/id1242384459

? For any podcast that you listen to, do the show a huge favor: please Rate, Review, and Subscribe in iTunes.

Here’s some of the ones I’m listening to…

Listen to some of these podcasts

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