On my most recent business trip I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice, well dressed couple at the airport.

While waiting for my flight I decided to watch the security checkpoint as it was right in front of my gate. As I was watching and enjoying my coffee (not so much my scone), I noticed an older couple stand out from the crowd.

The woman was wearing a very classy white and red sweater with red slacks and white shoes. The man (her husband) was wearing a very nice blue and gray sports coat with gray slacks. Immediately I wanted to compliment them so I did!

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It’s rare these days — unless you are in the city working downtown in the financial district — to see people well dressed so when you do, compliment them.

I started the conversation by just walking over and complimenting both of them on their attire. From there the conversation developed.

Turned out the couple was headed down to Southern California for a speaking event. Nina, the woman, was going to be speaking to an intimate group of women about her book “Believe It or Not: The Challenges Facing One Professional Woman a Half Century Ago.” Nina and her husband also have their own consulting firm, Gruen Gruen + Associates.

Naturally, I wanted to learn more about Nina so I did a bit of digging.

I found this great interview in which Nina says, “I count on my husband for giving me the best career advice, because when we opened our firm in 1970 he said, “There are three types of consultants: those who give the client what they want to hear, those who do good research and tell the client what they need to hear, and those who vacillate between the two.” As he put it, “You could only make money doing one or two.‘” 

Take away

While our encounter was brief it was very rewarding. Go out of your way to give someone a compliment. Make their day and open yourself up to discovering who’s around you. You never know what connections you’ll make.

Do you have a connection story you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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