While on Facebook the other day someone in one of the Facebook groups I’m in shared this awesome article “The 1 Thing You Can Do In a Facebook Group to Grow Your Business.” This is a fantastic article which you should all read even if you don’t have a Facebook group yet. What I wanted to share with you is the comment I left on the article because it of the valuable information it has – anyone can walk away learning something new here. Please go read the article and let me know what you think.

Remember, if you want to get noticed you have to show up and engage!

Below is the comment I left:

Wow! What a great article Christina! Well done! ??

I love that you both are shining more light on the less = more –
This is so important especially with online businesses.

People need to realize, it’s not about the numbers it’s about the engagement – building that relationship that will last over time, not just a quick one-time sale.

It takes time to build something great and often times it takes a lot of money, but that’s ok. People will notice and they will appreciate you more for it.

Everyone wants these big groups and all these followers but at the end of the day, what does it all mean? Nothing!

It means nothing if no one is engaging with you and what you’re putting out there?

It’s all a conversation and it has to work both ways. Like I always tell people, teamwork equals success! Go for quality results ALWAYS!

I’m an entrepreneur now, but back at my 9 to 5 sales job people use to have conversations with me about getting more sales. I told them I don’t focus on the numbers, I focus on the customer experience (which takes time to develop remember).

I became the #1 sales person by far for the last year I was there because I wasn’t worried about the numbers (sales). I was worried about spending enough time with each customer to make sure they understood what they needed and got only what they needed.

It’s all about that customer experience.

It’s all about building that community, showing up, and engaging. People, even big influencers (I know because this just happen to me) will notice and remember you if you do this.

So to everyone reading this, focus on doing the work, providing value, and engage with your community.

I love this quote by the way, “If you want to build your business through groups, share your expertise. That’s it.” 

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