Tips for publishing your book

While browsing social media I came across a post from Canva on “Important take aways on publishing and promoting your own book.”

Since I’m writing my book and many of my followers (my Y-Notters) are curious about self-publishing I figured I’d share this article here.

In the article, writer and author Mark Dawson shares his tips for publishing and promoting your own book. Let me tell you, they’re really good, not to mention easy to follow.

Even if you are not writing a book just yet you can still take Mark’s advice and apply it to building your business. Take this quote for instance:

Every time you get a new signup, that is a fresh affirmation that people enjoy your writing.”

Think of that quote every time you get a new signup for your mailing list, course, service, etc. Too often we get caught up in what is not happening (a.k.a what is not selling) which can be very disappointing. That’s why we need to remind ourselves of this quote and focus on just that one signup. It makes all the difference! Remember, it only takes one!

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