So I’m standing here looking at my Christmas tree wondering how I’m going to decorate it and this came to me…a Christmas tree is just like a business!

Now stick with me here as I know it might sound crazy but you’d be surprised!

Think about it, December rolls around and for many of us we head out to find the perfect tree to take home right?

That was the easy part, picking out the tree, now comes the real work — decorating it! 🙈

Standing here looking at my “perfect” tree and I think to myself, “where should I start?”

I grab the lights, test them, and pause for a minute — Feeling a little overwhelmed with where do I start? I also thought, “maybe I should hire someone to decorate the tree this year?”

I mean think about it,
– Where do you start – at the top or at the bottom?
– Do you string the lights first?
– Do you add the angel or star first?
– Do you add Ornaments first?
– Do you use tool or popcorn strings?

Where do you start? 🤷‍♂️

I mean, you want the tree to look good, not only for you but for the people who stop by — you want your tree to wow people right?

It has to be magical and attract others!

Now let’s pause for a second to look at how this is even close to running a business, shall we…

People are always in search of that “big idea” or in this case, that “perfect” idea that they can run with!

Once they find that one “perfect” idea you have to step back and look at ways to make it attractive for others — after all you want your idea to become a profitable business don’t you?

So you have your “perfect” idea but now what? Yeah, now that overwhelming feeling comes into play, doesn’t it!

I mean, where do you start?

– Do you start with a perfect website?
– Do you start with a business card?
– Do you start with a perfect Instagram account?
– Do you start with the perfect packaging and branding?

Listen, I get it, it’s overwhelming!

Do you see now how a Christmas tree is like a business — pretty good huh?

Just like decorating the tree, starting and running a business is not an easy task!

You have to have the right tools in your toolbox in order to move forward. Those tools include:
– People
– Community
– Resources
– Support

All of these tools will help you develop the right mindset to make the decisions you need in order to START.

You see it always comes down to this five-letter word, START.

We hold off from starting because we overthink things, we get in our own way, we let self doubt set in — what if it’s not good enough? What if no one buys from me? What if…?

Really what it comes down to is you won’t know unless you START.

START whatever it is you’re trying to do right now:

– Type that email
– Design that flyer
– Launch that website
– Hand out that business card
– Go live on Facebook (my favorite)
– Make the call
– Join the community
– Test and see what happens

I want to empower you to just START. To hold you accountable, START and then follow up with me (tag me on social media and/or send me a message)!

And in case you were wondering about my tree, I snapped out of the overwhelm and just started going around the tree with the lights – from bottom to the top. Then I grabbed an ornament, one by one, and started hanging them on the tree — that is until I paused to write this article!

Happy Holidays everyone, 

Ed Troxell

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