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Trello boards have saved my life

For those who don’t know Trello is an amazing tool for just about everything, you could think of. I use to use them way back in the day and then went away for some reason.

Recently, I rediscovered Trello and fell madly in love with the system especially since I had been using so many other systems. Now, I am able to house everything pretty much in Trello without having to pause and think “where did I put that?”

While there are many project management systems out there – you have to see what works for you – Trello really is the winner!

Trello is easy to set up, makes more sense moving a card (often a task) along the route (the different lists within a board), and keeps everything – and everyone – in one place. Now, if you are looking to get started with Trello or just want help getting yourself organized I got you covered.

I just released my “Just get me organized” package where you can take the boards I use and apply them to your Trello account. Don’t have a Trello account? No worries. You can easily set one up – it’s free!

So if you’re looking to get organized I highly recommend checking out Trello and if you want to use the same boards I use to keep all my businesses and ideas organized then check out “Just get me organized.”