The Y-Notter™ Movement

Who is a Y-Notter?

A Y-Notter is every entrepreneur out there building a business

A Y-Notter is, what the great Steve Jobs would call “the crazy ones,” someone who goes against the grain, who is willing to take a chance, and who wants to make an impact in this world – so basically an entrepreneur building their business empire.

The Y-Notter Mission
  1. Take a photo of yourself in your workspace (coffee shop, home office, car, etc. Bonus points if you can include any Y-Notter swag)
  2. Post your photo on social media with the caption, “I am a #Ynotter & this is my story…” (Add a brief story about you)
  3. Tag a Y-Notter friend and challenge them to do the same

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“If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.” — Laurie Notaro

Who created

The Y-Notter Movement

The Y-Notter movement was created by Ed Troxell, founder of Ed Troxell Creative and the Yes to Entrepreneurship brand. The phrase, “Y-Notter,” started out as just a fun term Ed used to describe himself and fellow entrepreneur friends. While Ed used the term for many years offline in conversations with friends, he started to use it publicly online in 2017.

From there, Ed knew the Y-Notter term was much bigger than just him and a few fellow entrepreneur friends. So, Ed decided to start the Y-Notter social movement which you see today!

The Y-Notter movement provides solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with an identity – an identity that unites all business owners so that they never feel alone or not capable of doing X.

You see, when one goes into working for themselves (especially working from home) they need the support of others – more so than ever before – and they need to know they’re not on this entrepreneurial journey alone.

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