In this episode we talked about:

    Charging for your services and not feeling guilty about it
    Understanding the value you bring to the client
    The lonely journey and self-care tips
    What you need to do in order to move your business forward
    Find out what 2 things you should be outsourcing last


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    “The price of peace of mind”

    “Being an entrepreneur is hard. It is tough. It is lonely. It has fabulous rewards”

    “Never discount the experience that you had in the past that leads you directly to why it’s so much faster, quicker and easier to be able to deliver that quality and expertise to the person who needs it the most.”

    “Your story – your journey is unique”

    “As an entrepreneur, you are your business”

    “If you keep under charging you’re going to just keep spinning and spinning”

    “If you’re in it for the money, you will fail”

    “Marketing is just the link to the sale”

    “The more specific you are, the more people hear you”




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Questions I ask prior to meeting:

Business/Brand/Blog name: Susan McVea Consulting 

Who are you/what role do you play in your business?: CEO and founder: Business Sales & Success Coach

Tell me a little bit about yourself:: I’m a married mama of 2, had been working in corporate sales leadership almost 20 years for a Global 300 selling over $600 million in revenue. Challenged with a major health issue I was forced to walk away and my life changed in one day. I’m now on a mission to help female entrepreneurs sell with more ease and less sleaze while making the money and impact they deserve. I also believe you don’t need to work to burn out to be successful.

What are the 2 biggest challenges you have with entrepreneurship: loneliness and pacing- I’m an introvert, but have always worked with others and working from home as an entrepreneur can be lonely! With my chronic pain/illness and being a recovering workaholic, I’m constantly pacing myself so I don’t burn out again. Lots of self-care and downtime gets scheduled as top priorities.

We are at the local coffee shop down the street and I’m about to leave. Tell me 3 things you want me to walk away with from our meeting.: impact and serving your purpose is more important than money, but if you serve with passion you will make money,2-never feel bad for asking for help you’re not weaker, or less than for needing support and getting help when you need it can help create shifts and help you leap forward when you’re stuck, 3-business and what you do is not all of who you are so make sure you know why you’re doing this and what YOU stand for as a person being an entrepreneur tests you and is a self-discovery journey like no other.

Favorite drink: chai rooisbos tea or a Cabernet Sauvignon 😉 one to start the day, the other to end!

Name a place you would like to be at right now for this interview (we won’t actually be there, but it’s always nice to pretend right?): Mexico or Hawaii! Anywhere tropical and by the ocean. I love water.

Favorite quote: Wherever you go, there you are or dr Seuss- you have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

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