What we talked about:

    Nonprofit work
    Helping people
    What most nonprofits are missing
    Challenges in setting up and running a nonprofit
    Investing in your people with personal development
    The non-profit ER – This model is brilliant for any business owner!
    Social media and the shift
    Staying in your lane
    Finances in general and keeping up with the Joneses


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    “To become an expert in a certain area it takes time”
    “A nonprofit is a business”
    “The cheapest way is not always the best way”
    “You must have professional development”
    “Social media is a distraction”


Connect with Tracy at Tracyvallen.com


Questions I ask prior to meeting:

Business/Brand/Blog name:: TVA Consulting

Who are you/what role do you play in your business?: Nonprofit Organizations

Tell me a little bit about yourself:: Tracy V. Allen has over fifteen years of non-profit experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English and a minor in Psychology from Excelsior College. She also has 33 credits on the Master’s degree level in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She has fifteen years’ experience as an English Language Educator working at all levels including adult education, but most of her work was with middle school students.

Tracy has a passion for helping others in mission-driven work. She brings her strong communication skills, strategic thinking, writing skills, and an in-depth knowledge of nonprofit organizations and grant writing and leverages them to help nonprofit organizations build and grow sustainable infrastructures to help individuals, communities, and the world.

Tracy has worked with nonprofit organizations of all kinds, from emerging, established, social services, ministries, education, and health. She has provided high-quality consulting, capital campaign management, grant writing, program development, human resources, event fundraising, product development, annual giving, major giving, corporate and foundation relations.

She believes that she can help organizations put the pieces together to make sense so that they can change the world one individual and community at a time.

What are the 2 biggest challenges you have with entrepreneurship: Consistency of mindset and getting people to realize that because they’re a nonprofit organization does not mean that they have to run their organization in the red

We are at the local coffee shop down the street and I’m about to leave. Tell me 3 things you want me to walk away with from our meeting.: 1. I think that non-profit is pivotal to the success of a community.

2. I absolutely love it writing and education.

3. We determine the life we live based on Earth mindset and the effort we put into our daily ventures

Favorite drink: Fruit Punch non-alcoholic) Amaretto Sour ( alcoholic)

Name a place you would like to be at right now for this interview (we won’t actually be there, but it’s always nice to pretend right?): On the beach in the Virgin Islands

Favorite quote:: Life is a daily learning process.

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