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In this episode we talked about:

    Starting entrepreneurship while working full-time with no real website or Facebook page
    Going from trying to get any kind of work to being very specific and living a happier lifestyle
    The customer experience and why it’s so important to provide the best experience you can
    Where the conversation can take us once we just start having them


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Questions I ask prior to meeting:


Who are you/what role do you play in your business? I’m a virtual assistant, and a Certified ConvertKit Expert. I work with small businesses on email marketing and social media management. I’m the main service provider in my biz, and I have 2 assistants who support me on internal work.


Tell me a little bit about yourself: I’m a mom biz owner, most importantly. My son is Luke. He’s 1 1/2. I keep part-time hours with clients I love, and I spend my days with him. It’s a great life!


Why did you start your business? My husband & I were trying to pay off debt, so I started freelancing on the side to earn extra income. We did end up paying off $61k in 3 years. We became debt free in March 2014, and the side hustle was growing into a little business. By March 2015, I left my job and went full-time business. — Owning a biz was a long-time dream of mine, but I felt stumped on how to do it. Where to find clients, etc. Being debt free gave us the space in our family budget to weather the ups and downs of a young biz. It’s been a great journey.


What’s the best career advice you have ever received? Bonus points if you can name who gave it to you. Helene Scott taught me to ignore the “shoulds” in business. Basically – I’ve built a business I want to run. Not what I think I *should* run. (Or how I *should* do things.)


What is your proudest career accomplishment and why? Being a work-at-home mom. — I have a Masters degree and was enjoying a dynamic career in local nonprofits in my community. Being a stay, or work, at home mom was the furthest thing from my mind. I never thought that I would want that until the time came. And then I earned it through hard work and diligence. I’m proud that I was able to translate my skills and create/build this life for me and my son.


What has been the hardest career moment and how did you overcome it? I blogged about this recently ( I lost $1000 of recurring retainer income in one month. I thought about quitting entirely. I was majorly stressed. Then I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast and he was talking to a biz owner who called in. Dave said (paraphrasing): “It’s the hardest before it gets really good.” I decided to just hold on to that, and figure out how to change my REACTION to the ebb and flow of biz ownership. And boy was he right. The next month I became a Certified ConvertKit Expert, and things changed from there.


We are at the local coffee shop down the street and I’m about to leave. Tell me 3 things you want me to walk away with from our meeting. You CAN build a quality life through the American Dream. It takes a lot of hard work, integrity and the ability to be honest with yourself about what’s working and what’s not.


Favorite quote: “I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” Abraham Lincoln